Politics and procedures
19 Apr 2017


We are the most important vehicle rental portal in the Dominican Republic based on our effort to offer our clients not only the best models of vehicles in the market but also their complete network of car rental companies throughout the country. Book with us direct and without intermediaries, with best personalized service only for Dominican Republic.


The minimum age to rent a vehicle is 25 years, if it is less than this age and up to 21 years will pay a penalty plus taxes. (We reserve the right to admit people between 21 and 25 years).
Current driver’s license: The client and any additional driver must hold a valid driver’s license of the country of residence. Nonresident or foreign Dominicans must also present a passport, and resident Dominicans must present their identity card and electoral card. We reserve the right to verify the driver’s license according to the rules established by the Rental Agencies and deny the rental of the unit if it is not complied with.
Valid credit card: Rental Agencies accept the most recognized credit cards at the time of rental. Accepted credit cards are for example: Visa, Master Card, American Express, these must have funds available for a hold or authorization whose amount will depend on the reserved vehicle and the days of rent. The customer can pay the rent at the end of the rent in Pesos (RD $), Euros (EURO) or Dollars (USD $).


We remind you of some of our most important security rules to follow when renting in one of the Rental Agencies:
• The use of the seat belt is MANDATORY.
• Always drive to the right.
• Prohibited by law, the use of cell phones while driving.
• Only use unleaded gasoline. For gasoline vehicles.
• When you are going to deliver the vehicle, take into account at least 20 minutes to do so and to return to the airport. International flights require your presence and documentation at least 2 hours before departure.
• For your safety, it is not allowed by law that children under 8 years of age travel in the front seat. We have the Baby Seats service, available in some offices, please ask our representatives.
• During the rainy season, be cautious with the overflow of streams and rivers on roads.
• It is very easy to get stuck in the sand or on the beaches, so try not to get out of the way at any time.
• Always handle with care and use special attention at the corners with traffic lights.
• Check other important signs here
• In case of emergency please contact the Agency where the rent is made.


Reservations: In reservations through the Internet, it is not necessary to provide a Credit Card number. However these reservations will only be valid until 2 hours after the time of withdrawal of the vehicle.
Taxes: All charges are subject to the ITBIS 18% tax.

Additional Charges apply only in case of:

“Drop-Off” (one-way): This charge applies only if the Customer wants to take the car in a City or Airport and wants to return the car to another location.
Fuel: This charge applies only if the Customer when returning the vehicle, does not deliver it with the same level of fuel that was received.
Airport Fee: This charge is 10% and applies if the rent is an airport and may vary depending on the location.
Rates: The rate includes the rent of the vehicle for a certain period (day, week, month) and unlimited mileage. The minimum rental charge will be one day (24 hours from the time of receipt of the unit), regardless of whether the customer occupies the vehicle only part of that time. For effects the days of rent will be considered for lapses of 24 hours or fraction that exceeds of 4 hours. The rental fee does NOT include the payment of fines, infractions, towed cranes, fuel, leaving the vehicle in another location (Drop off), or any other charges to the customer.
Place and date of return of the car: The place, date and time agreed for the return of the vehicle can not be modified without prior authorization and in writing from our offices. In case of breach of this provision by the client, in addition to the charges that derive from them.
Additional Driver: The client may designate an additional driver over 25 years of age with a valid driver’s license issued by the competent authorities. This service will have an extra charge, plus taxes. The additional driver will be subject to all obligations


If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies and procedures, we invite you to contact us, we are at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.